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When should a kid start to learn dancing? What are the benefits of learning Chinese dance?

Parents often think it will be best if their kids start to learn dancing as early as they can. However this is a misconception. Dancing requires coordination, flexibility, and memory. At the age 4 to 7 years old which is the stage of exploration, we should focus on stimulating their interest in dancing. With the introduction of basic dance training at this stage, this will build solid foundation for advancement to future dance courses. There is no age limitation to dancing, there are ways to fit in anyone at any age who are interested in exploring the joy of dancing.

There are so many types of dances, how to choose a suitable one?

Every type of dance has different requirements and styles. One should choose the type of dance that best fit own interest, style and ability.

So what are the benefits of learning Chinese dance?

Chinese dance includes basic steps, folk dance, and classical dance which will include posture and muscle training. There are many advantages of learning Chinese dance. For example, to improve overall physical wellness and body posture, to build perseverance and to enhance self confidence.

Nowadays, children are addicted to electronic products. It is common to see kids are playing computers, mobile phones, and game consoles anywhere. In severe cases, bad postures, myopia, Kyphosis, rounded shoulders are developed. Though the learning of Chinese dance which focuses body posture training, these conditions can be corrected. Stage performances and examination assessments, children’s physical and mental health would be improved - self-confidence and expressiveness could be enhanced. It takes time and hard work to master a new skill. The training will cultivate children’s persistency and determination in facing challenges. In addition, through training for group performances which requires dancers to work with each other collectively in order to deliver a good show, communication and cooperation skills will be greatly improved.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, there are still bundles of benefit of learning Chinese dancing awaiting to be explored. If you are interested to know more, come and join our Chinese Dance class, to discover the beauty of this long standing Chinese culture.

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