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Dadi Mandarin & Otto 2 Art

Summer Camp 2023

26 Jun 2023~4 Aug 2023

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Mandarin Class

Learning Mandarin with Dadi, through the guidance of professional teachers, use meditation methods to improve children's concentration, improve learning efficiency, and make learning more effective!


Art Class

Otto 2 Art Class is designed a series of creative courses to help children learn in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Stem Class

We encourage children to explore innovative ways to discover the world!


Yoga Class

Did you know? Yoga helps to improve children’s emotional regulation and build up their body awareness!

Taekwondo Class

Training of Taekwondo can help children to keep them physically fit, improve their balance ability and have and show respect for others. It's worthy to try in this summer!

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Dadi Mandarin & Otto 2 Art Summer Camp 2023?

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