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About us

DADI Pre-school Education (DADI) was established in Taiwan in 1985 and expanded to Hong Kong in 2016. Mr. Cheng Dakun, our founder, has devoted himself to early childhood education for over 33 years. Over three decades, the group has grown to include over 530 kindergartens and education centres in Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. DADI Mandarin is listed in Taiwan and headquartered in Zhuhai, China.


We provide Mandarin Chinese language, arts, dance, and culture lessons to young learners in Hong Kong. We believe that all children can learn languages, regardless of their background, ethnicity, family context, or current education. We believe that learning languages is the first step towards children to becoming global citizens.


Dadi Hong Kong exists over 3 campus: Dadi Mandarin Central, Dadi Mandarin One Island South, and Otto 2 by Dadi Mandarin in One Island South.

In 2021, Dadi Mandarin added Otto2 Art by Dadi Mandarin to its One Island South Campus. This dedicated creative arts campus, located in an adjacent unit to Dadi Mandarin, teaches art to learners aged 2-12. Through Dadi Mandarin and Ott2 by Dadi Mandarin, we focus on preparing kids for a bright, creative, international future.

Our teachers
Sarah Lao

SupervisorMandarin and Drama Teacher

Laura Mo

OIS Campus Principal; Mandarin Teacher

Catherine Chen

Principal; Mandarin Teacher

Merry Wu

Senior Mandarin Teacher

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