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Chinese Dance Class

(Age 3-15)

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Chinese Examination Dance Class

A complete course to prepare for the Beijing Dance Academy examination. Includes fundamental skills, coordination and flexibility, rhythm, and choreography. 

Exams are graded from 1-to-13 A or B ability groups. 

Examinations are held twice a year in March/April and October/November.

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Chinese Ethnic Folk Dance Examination Course

Examination materials compiled by 潘志濤, the founder of the Beijing Dance Academy - Chinese Ethnic Folk-Dance Department. A fun and dynamic class featuring 56 dance styles and 10 styles of dance taught per grade. Certificates issued by the China Art Vocational Education Association, managed by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, and recorded in the database of Ministry of Culture Society Art Shuiping Tiered Exam Center.

Exams are graded from 1-to-12 and A, B, or C ability groups.

Examinations are conducted by the Beijing Chinese Ethnic Folk Dancers Association in April, July, August.

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Fundamental Skills Training Course

Barre training for adults and children to enhance flexibility, balance, and the ability to control major muscle groups in relation to dance. This class is perfect for those that are new to dance and wish to establish a base level of strength, posture, and flexibility.

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Toddler Dance Class

A fun introduction to Chinese dance and folk dance. Learn, play, and explore movement!

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