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What is creative learning in education?

Learning can be a lot more fun when creativity is applied. Preschoolers develop life-long skills through creative activities. Creative learning in education is when children use creativity, imagination, and critical thinking to develop new and meaningful ideas. They can take risks and become independent and flexible to face future situations. Instead of being taught to repeat what has been learned, children learn to develop their ability to find their own solutions to a problem.

Here are some key points to summarise creative learning:

Makes learning easy

For previous generations, education systems and resources were limited to rigid, inflexible learning. However, over the years, teachers and educational institutions have identified the need to go beyond just reading and writing. Co-curricular activities and hands-on learning contribute to the overall development of a child, which makes learning easy as well as an effective way to study.

Going beyond the classroom

Creative learning is not just confined within the walls of a classroom. When children are provided with the opportunity and support to recognise their problems and find a way to figure out solutions on their own it helps them to make positive and lasting contributions to their schools, within family and communities.

Focuses on experiential learning

Experiential learning is a part of creative learning which encourages children to learn by trying new things based on real-life experiences. Dadi Mandarin provides activity-based modules for children along with creative techniques and learning supplies. They perform educational activities focusing on holistic learning to supplement the education children receive in school. Our teachers are trained to develop kids’ natural interests and talents.

Creative learning has no constraints

Imagination and creativity play a major role in shaping the future. Creative learning is a form of creative expression which helps children to be confident with their ideas without any constraints. Our teachers help the children to remove creative barriers and give them space and provide a framework in which they can be mindful of learning new concepts creatively.

Enhances confidence to present ideas

Creative learning allows children to be confident in their ideas before sharing those ideas with others. It’s important to create awareness amongst young minds to be confident and have the willingness to take creative risks. However, it all depends on whether children view creative thoughts as an important part of their identity and a way to achieve more in future endeavours or as an inorganic exercise.

Creative learning focuses on the overall development of a child with a focus on better analytical skills, creativity enhancement, and mindfulness. Teachers play a major role in bringing out a child’s creative potential. If students have creative confidence, value creativity, and are willing to take creative risks, they can be successful and contribute to the development of society.

Developed for Dadi Mandarin and written by WOI.


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