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Introduction of Otto2 Art HK - From Imagination to Practice

Otto2 Hong Kong campus supports environmental conservation and actively participates in community charity activities. Through these activities and platforms, we aim cultivating and building the awareness in protecting our environment in our Otto2 community. In August 2021, Otto2 HK Campus has formed a team to participate in the "Diversity and Variety" art competition that is organized by the United Nations 15th Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15). We have received an overwhelming response to this competition, with over 50 pieces of artwork of different themes such as marine life, bird observation, and biological reproduction created by our brilliant Otto2 little artists.

Our summer camp during June- August 2021 at Otto2 Hong Kong Campus has been a great success. Due to the pandemic situation, when summer activities are very much confined locally in Hong Kong, our Campus has facilitated a safe and exciting summer programme for parents in Hong Kong. Our summer programme brings a new theme each week: leading our little artists to explore the mysteries of the universe; to travel around the world and learn about the different tradition and culture of other countries; to appreciate the artwork done by great historical and modern artist. Through the guidance of our teachers, our little artists convey what they have seen and experienced into artwork in their own style and expression. We have received positive feedbacks from parents, the content of the programme has enriched their children’s worldly knowledge, as if they have made a trip around the world.

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