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DADI Otto2 Tips - To-Do Things After the Summer Holiday


As the summer holiday draws to a close, it's time for children and parents to prepare for the exciting and challenging journey of going back to school. There are numerous educational activities that can help refresh academic skills and prepare children for the new school year.

1. Reading and Writing:

- Encourage regular reading of age-appropriate books, newspapers, or magazines. Discuss the stories or articles to improve comprehension and critical thinking skills.

- Engage in creative writing activities such as storytelling, journaling, or writing short stories. This enhances writing skills, vocabulary, and imagination.

2. Math Skills:

- Play math-related games, such as Sudoku, puzzles, or board games that involve counting, strategizing, and problem-solving.

- Practice mental math exercises, such as calculating tips at a restaurant or adding up grocery bills while shopping.

3. Science and Exploration:

- Conduct simple science experiments at home using household items. This fosters curiosity, observation skills, and scientific thinking.

- Go on nature walks or visit local museums, zoos, or science centers to learn about different scientific concepts and phenomena.

4. Technology and Online Resources:

- Utilize educational apps and websites that offer interactive learning experiences in various subjects, such as math, language arts, and science.

- Explore online educational platforms that provide video lessons, quizzes, and tutorials tailored to different grade levels.

5. Art and Creativity:

- Engage in artistic activities like drawing, painting, or sculpting to foster creativity and fine motor skills.

- Integrate art into academic subjects, such as creating illustrations or diagrams to represent scientific concepts or historical events.

6. Problem-solving and Critical Thinking:

- Solve puzzles, riddles, or brainteasers that require logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

- Engage in strategy-based board games or online games that promote analytical thinking and decision-making.

7. Virtual Field Trips and Documentaries:

- Explore virtual field trips or watch educational documentaries related to topics of interest. This broadens knowledge and provides a visual understanding of various subjects.

Remember, the key is to make these activities enjoyable and engaging for children. By incorporating these educational activities into their routine, children can refresh their academic skills, build confidence, and develop a love for learning as they prepare for the upcoming school year.


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