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(Age 3-6)

Dadi Mandarin Kindergarten Elementary Cl

(Age 3-4)

Our elementary level class guides children successfully between playgroup and pre-school. Children will learn about Chinese culture with an introduction to Chinese poetry and nursery rhymes. Everyday vocabulary and daily conversation phrases will be introduced alongside fun activities such as creative arts and interactive play.

Dadi Mandarin Kindergarten Intermediate

(Age 4-5)

This program is designed to improve children’s confidence in parallel with advancing the four language skills, speaking, reading and writing. It also aims to stimulate the children’s imagination, language organizational skills, and then to synchronize this to further develop EQ (emotional intelligence) and IQ (intelligence quotient).

Dadi Mandarin Kindergarten Advanced Clas

(Age 5-6)

Children are taught to read short passages, encouraged to write simple compositions or create their own story. Basic grammar is introduced, while vocabulary based themes are continued. Reading passages aloud to enable children to familiarize themselves with Chinese phonetics and sentence structure is highly encouraged.

Dadi Mandarin Kindergarten Interview Pre
Interview Preparation

(Age 2-6)

We provide front line service from application to interview and assist  your child to enter the idea school successfully. 


(Training plan is developed after discussion with parent and student)

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