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Teach kids Chinese - 15 Ways for children to learn Chinese

Learning doesn't have to take place in just the classroom! Dino Lingo provides a great list of simple, everyday activities that can help your child learn Mandarin at home or out and about with family and friends


1- Watch free Chinese cartoons online

2- Get Chinese storybooks from your library or school

3- Watch Chinese learning DVDs

4- Listen to Chinese children’s songs

5- Play simple Chinese games online

6- Hire a Chinese speaking babysitter or a tutor

7- Play Chinese flashcard games (Go fish, memory, etc..)

8- Play games by using Chinese words (Hide and seek)

9- Use puppets to talk to your child in Chinese

10- Decorate your child’s room with Chinese posters

11- Hang out with Chinese speaking families with children

12- Introduce the Chinese culture to your child

13- Send your child to a Chinese summer camp

14- Reward your child for their Chinese learning progress

15- Checkout Dino Lingo Chinese learning program for children

DVDs, flashcards, posters, storybooks, songs and online Chinese lessons.


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