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Easy Paper Dragon Puppet Craft for Kids

By Ria at

This paper dragon puppet craft is an easy and fun craft to do with your kids to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Puppet crafts are great for children to extend their imaginations and develop fine motor skills. 

My daughter just loved it and she was so excited when the dragon wiggled as she moved the paper straws beneath it. Making the accordion folds for the dragon’s body was our favourite part. This is a very easy and simple paper dragon craft and this also makes a great recycled craft by the use of a toilet paper roll for the dragon’s face. 

Supplies you need to make a paper dragon puppet craft

1. Toilet paper roll

2. 2 A4 papers (We used pink and blue)

3. Pencil and ruler (If you don’t want to draw, you can use the printables I have provided)

4. Scissors

5. Googly eyes

6. Tissue paper 

7. Glue stick 

8. Paper Straw

9. Hot glue or PVA glue

10. Clear tape/ Duct tape (optional)

Steps- How to make a paper dragon puppet craft

Making this paper dragon is very easy. Watch the video at the top or follow the step by step instructions below.

Step 1

Get two A4 papers and draw 3 lines (5.25 cm apart) dividing each of them into 3 equal columns. Optionally, you can download and print the template on a color paper or on a white paper and let your child color it. Now, cut along the lines and you will get a total of 8 paper strips.

(Or, you have another easy option. Fold the paper in half. Fold it again in half. Now, unfold it and cut along the creases.)

Step 2

Pick two paper strips and stick them together in a 90 degree angle. we chose one blue strip and one pink strip. Younger kids might need some help to get it in the correct angle.

Step 3

This is the fun part. We are going to fold the paper strips in an accordion manner. This type of folding is a great fine motor activity for kids. Fold the bottom strip over the top strip and crease the fold. Again, take the bottom strip over the top one and crease the fold. Repeat it till you reach the end of these strips. Now, put some glue at the ends and stick the next set of paper strips to it. Do the folding again and continue the process until you run out of strips. Now, secure the ends at the last fold by adding a dab of glue. You have got the accordion folding for the dragon’s body.

Step 4

Stick two paper straws using duct tape or hot glue at both the ends of the accordion. You may already get the tendency to wiggle the accordion by moving the paper straws. But wait, let’s keep it aside for a few more minutes and make the dragon’s head.

Step 5

Get a toilet roll and paint it. Once the paint is dried, press one end of it flat to form the dragon’s mouth. For the fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth, cut some tissue paper strips and glue them inside the mouth.

Let’s make the dragon’s eyes now. Cut shapes from paper as shown below. Optionally, you can download and print the templates I have provided. Stick these shapes to the sides of the toilet roll and glue the googly eyes above it. 

Get the accordion from Step 4 and fix the dragon’s head on one end of it using hot glue or PVA glue. You will have to hold them together for a minute to make it really secure. Make sure the paper straws point down and the dragon’s face points up while gluing them together.

Now, move the paper straws and let your dragon dance and wiggle. This dragon puppet craft is super fun to play with. 


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