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5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn Chinese

Your Child’s Future: How Learning Mandarin Boosts Their Potential

5 Compelling Reasons

Parents are realising that developing fluency in Mandarin is giving their children an added advantage in a world that prizes people who are genuinely fluent in a second language.

1. The earlier a child starts Mandarin, the more accurately they will be able to replicate the sounds. Young children also have the ability to understand and to use a second language faster than most adults.

2. Although research findings differ on the best time to start learning Mandarin, there are strong indications that starting at an early age ( before the age of five for example), is most effective as younger learners are less concerned about making mistakes and have a longer period to focus on developing a deeper connection to expressing themselves with confidence.

3. Through learning Mandarin, and gaining fluency, children are practising and developing more advanced auditory and visual processing skills, as well understanding how to communicate and respond appropriately.

4. Even in the early stages, learning another language can promote cognitive development, problem-solving, critical thinking and the ability to multitask.

5. Learning a new language takes time, skill, and determination, and may be easier for some than others. It instils perseverance and resilience. With the right tuition, however it can also be great fun!

Written by Mary, Academic Lead, White Orchid Insights


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