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Sarah LAO

Ms. Lao is a mandarin teacher, specializing in language learning for local and expat children of kindergarten and primary school age. She has successfully helped many students to improve their language (Putonghua), speech and communication skills through Drama. Many of the performances directed by Ms Lao have won competition prizes.

Supervisor ; Mandarin and Drama Teacher
Teacher Certificate (PRC)
PTH TEST: Grade 1
Master of fine arts in drama from the Hong Kong

Academy for Performing Arts 

Catherine CHEN

Ms. Chen has been engaged in management work for many years and has rich management experience. She also has been working in the field of education for ten years and is very familiar with it. She is skilled in teaching Chinese reading and writing to primary school aged students from Grades 1 to 6. Her students have achieved first place in Chinese in successive years in school classes and achieved “High Level A” for SPC Children’s Putonghua Proficiency Test. Ms. Chen’s students many essays have been published as examples of Chinese best practice.

Principal ; Mandarin Teacher

PTH TEST: Grade 1


from the South China Normal University of Technology

Head of Creative Art & design

Simone NG

Ms. Ng won the Overall Winner on Hong Kong Young Designer Competition 1994, and 2nd runner up in Asian Grand Prix Design Competition 1995. She has been a costume designer for celebrities including Aaron Kwok, Miss HK Pauline Yeung and more.


Starting in 2015, Simone focused on creative art and fashion design education, nurturing children and humanity and broadening their global insights and appreciation.

OIS Campus Principal ; Mandarin Teacher

PTH TEST: Grade 1

Master of Social Sciences in Hong Kong Baptist University

Laura MO

Ms. Mo is skilled at combining teaching with interesting historical stories to teach children words and sentences, so that children can acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese culture while studying Mandarin. All of the students in the exam classes taught by Ms. MO have received the highest level of 5 stars in the GAPSK and KPCC exams. One student won the championship in the “Hong Kong Putonghua Speech Competition 2017” in Kindergarten K2 group. Ms. Mo believes that every child’s potential is unlimited and she hopes that children will learn with joy and will be enriched through learning with her.

Senior Mandarin Teacher

PTH TEST: Grade 2

Master of Fine Arts in Drama Playwriting

from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Merry WU

Ms. Wu was formerly an art director in Wu Yeung Art Atelier. She has extensive experience in teaching creative arts. She teaches Chinese through painting to allow children to understand the meaning of characters, and to make Chinese learning fun and experiential. In 2016, ‘The Sea of Fertility’ and ‘Orlando’s Lover’, two scripts written by Ms Wu, were staged in the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, The Prospects Theatre, and Ronin Theatre.

Mandarin Teacher

PTH Test : Grade 2

M.A. from the Education University of Hong Kong

Amber SUN

Ms. Sun believes in fun Mandarin classes via interaction and practice. She loves to motivate students' learning interests and encourage them to have healthy competitions. Being critical and independent is also highly valued by her.

Selene LAM

Ms. Lam has taught art for five years after graduation. She is good at sketching, watercolor, oil painting, Chinese painting, etc. She patiently teaches and guides students' painting skills. And use fluent Mandarin to motivate your child's language talent.

Mandarin and Arts Teacher

Graduated from

the Art Education Department of the Guangzhou Academy

of Fine Arts.



Dadi Mandarin Classes



(12 - 35 MONTH OLD)

These classes expose pre-school learners to early language experiences to cultivate their multilingual capabilities. Music......



(3 - 6 YEARS OLD)

Extending onwards from our playgroup classes, kindergarten incorporates whole brain thinking. We start work on the......



(6 - 9 YEARS OLD)

These classes help supplement and support children’s learning in school. Classes include pinyin teaching, reading and writing.

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