DADI Summer Camp 2020

18 May - 1 September

(3-10 Years Old)

Join DADI MANDARIN for an exciting summer of learning Mandarin through poetry, art, food, and more! Our creative classes help your child learn M​andarin through two types of courses; Mandarin Carnival and the Chinese Intensive Course. See the table below for more information on each type of class and be sure to register before 20th June for a 10-20% discount!

Age of Students: 3-8 for Mandarin Carnival Class, 4-10 for Chinese Intensive Course

Total Tuition Fee: $600 - $700 per 2 hour class, including snacks, activities, and materials (15% off of 5 classes weekly)

Back to School Class

18 May - 19 June

(5-8 Years Old)

DADI MANDARIN’s “Back to School Bootcamp” is the perfect way for students to get back into the swing of things after a long break from school. Held three days a week, these trainings include reading, writing, speaking, listening, and creative play. Sign up today! 

Age of Students: 5-8 years old, from kindergarten K3 to primary school year three students

Total Number of Students: Limit 30; maximum of 6 students in each class

Total Tuition Fee: $ 1800; first come first served

Time of Class

ONE ISLAND SOUTH CAMP: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from May 18th to June 19th from 10-11am or 11-12am, which can be chosen by parents.

CENTRAL CAMP: Open every day from Monday to Friday from May 18th to June 19th from 9:30am- 6:30pm. Parents need to call the school in advance to arrange class time.

Mandarin and Kung Fu Classes

1 June - 5 July

Get fit and learn this summer! Join DADI MANDARIN for a Mandarin and Kung Fu Combo Class. 

Register on or before 6 June for a 10% discount!

Total Tuition Fee: $ 700 for a 2-hour class. Must register for at least 6 classes.

Time of Class

CENTRAL CAMPUS: From June 1st to July 5th. Each class is 2 hours long:

1 hour MANDARIN, 1 hour KUNG FU

Mandarin and Taekwondo Classes

8 June - 30 July

(4-8 Years Old)

Spice your summer holiday up with the exciting DADI MANDARIN and TAEKWONDO Summer Camp! Offered by DADI MANDARIN in partnership with Cheung Do Kwan school, the last class of each week will feature a small performance for the students to show off what they’ve learned!

Age of Students: 4-8 years old

Total Number of Students: Limit 16 students for every week;  Maximum of 8 students in each class 

Total Tuition Fee: $ 1,950; first come first served

Time of Class

ONE ISLAND SOUTH CAMPUS: From June 8th to June 18th and July 7th to July 23rd, every week is a period

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning from 10 to 12:30am, 2.5 hours per class

1 hour MANDARIN, 1.5 hours TAEKWONDO

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