DADI Philosophy

At DADI MANDARIN, we believe that learning should be engaging, inspiring, memorable and enjoyable. We believe that all children can learn languages, regardless of their background, ethnicity, family context or their current education. We believe that learning languages is the first step for children to become global citizens.

DADI Mission

Our mission is to make Chinese possible for all children in Hong Kong. With small class teaching, our teachers have ample time to help each individual student with their specific needs. We increase each child’s interest in Chinese and in overall learning so that classes become enjoyable. A personalized and individual approach is developed to help children find their learning style, gain confidence and get ready for higher levels of Chinese learning.

DADI Method

DADI Mandarin implements a fun and active teaching and learning method that covers all the essential language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our programs focus on WHOLE BRAIN THINKING, a proven approach that helps children enjoy and excel at learning Chinese.

By strategically integrating movement, art, music and dance into our classes, children leverage the full spectrum of thinking available. We help children to dramatically improve their Chinese language skills by stimulating imagination and delivering energetic, supportive and varied lessons. In short, our highly experienced teachers take learning off the page and bring it to life!




(12 - 35 MONTH OLD)

These classes expose pre-school learners to early language experiences to cultivate their multilingual capabilities. Music......



(3 - 6 YEARS OLD)

Extending onwards from our playgroup classes, kindergarten incorporates whole brain thinking. We start work on the......



(6 - 9 YEARS OLD)

These classes help supplement and support children’s learning in school. Classes include pinyin teaching, reading and writing.

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Learning Mandarin is so much more than just a new language. It is the key to travel, cultural integration, better job prospects, and broader horizons. Get in touch to see how we can help you take your first or next steps in the language journey.

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